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Mohegan Sun Strippers – Bachelor Party Review

Mohegan Sun Strippers: Party Group Strippers was at Mohegan Sun on July 14th. The strippers had a bachelor party scheduled at 12:00am for 14 guys. They were in a penthouse suite at the casino. It was awesome. So the strippers arrived at Mohegan Sun around 7:30pm. They walked around the casino, played a few slots, met a few guys, handed out some cards and had a couple of drinks. Typical night at the Sun. Around 11:35 they called the guys and let them know they were there and ready to party. As expected most of the crew were running around the casino having a blast, so the strippers waited for them to all get back to the suite. The party began around 12:40ish with the girls coming out in some sexy naughty girl outfits. The show lasted til about 3:30am. Since i wasnt at the show i can only share the info the best man sent me.

“Hey Anthony, thanks again man. Our night was awesome. We hope the girls had a great time as i know i did. I fully plan on referring my friends to you guys. I would love to share some of the details of our show but what happens at the party stays at the party. Hope you can understand that. I think if you ask the girls, we spent almost $1500 on them and they were wild, gorgeous and absolutely unforgettable. Thanks again”

Now that sounds like a party to me. Hell, from the way it sounds i might want one myself. All i know is, he got 1 thing 100% correct, what happens there stays there. So if you want to find out then i suggest calling me up, booking some strippers for Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun and getting the 2 freaky, fun and beautiful girls i have to offer. I will tell you these are the 2 strippers who did that show.. Mohegan stripper Julzmohegan stripper Alexa  

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Foxwoods and Mohegan Strippers – 877-705-2382

Welcome to Hardbodies. We currently have special sales at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun for stripper parties. All of our strippers are 18-23 years old. They weigh 100 – 120 pounds. We have 0 fat chicks and 0 oldies. Our strippers are top notch quality with the best attitudes.

If you are looking to have a bachelor party or any other kind of party at Foxwoods Resort or Mohegan Sun Casino and want strippers to perform a wild show for you and your friends give us a call. Ask about our amazing 2 girl show.

Our Toll Free number is 877-705-2382

Booking in advance can save you money on the booking fee, so pick up the phone and lets have some fun.