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Foxwoods Strippers – Mohegan Strippers 2017

Foxwoods strippers and Mohegan strippers are proud to still be serving the casino parties in 2017! Last year was an amazing year. Our roster has changed slightly. A few new faces and a couple favorites from previous years. This year will be even better, with better rates, better games, better fun and all while maintaining top quality.

If you find yourself needing beautiful, fun, cool and young chicks to entertain you and your friends at any of the casino properties located at Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun, make sure you call us. Our great rates with top talent goes a long way. Your friends will thank you for finding the only Foxwoods strippers in the business.

Boston Stripper NataliaBoston Stripper Julz

Boston Stripper Raven

Foxwoods Strippers 2016

We have added and updated our amazing Foxwoods strippers and Mohegan Sun strippers. You can click on the pictures link to see these incredible strippers. They are 100% genuine photos. We do not use fake models!

Our foxwoods strippers and mohegan sun strippers can be booked for any event. You can schedule them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. First ome first serve and as you can see, they dont take long to reserve.

This marks a new year for our foxwoods strippers and mohegan sun strippers. So familiar faces and some new faces. We have been lucky enough to maintain such a high standard of excellence and quality over the last few years. Those that have used our services know what its like to have the best strippers.

Foxwoods Strippers Layla and Jada

Foxwoods strippers 2014

It is 2014 and our Foxwoods strippers and Mohegan Sun strippers are excited to be at the casino’s. Our line-up is dynamic and you will love our strippers. We offer a limited amount of Foxwoods strippers and Mohegan Sun strippers. Our standards are extremely high so we currently only have 10 of the hottest chicks in New England. We highly recommend booking in advance and as a reward for doing so we are taking 25% off our regular rates this year. For pictures of our roster click here.

We are open 24/7
Cater to all events
No party is to big or to small

It is our intent to be located at the casino’s this year every weekend. So on most occasions you can book our Foxwoods strippers and Mohegan Sun strippers at any time. Pre-booked events get to pick the girls they want. If you are having a party at Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun and want young, hot, sexy and most importantly FUN girls then call and book now.

Our promise to you is simple. No credit card is required. No deposit is required. If you are unhappy with the girls that show up, don’t pay the delivery fee and send them on their way. We are extremely confident this will never happen due to our high standards and the fact we wont use Photo Collection sites to trick you. Amazingly the girls we offer are real New England girls. So try us out today and see why we are ranked #1 in the market.

Foxwoods strippers Autumn

Foxwoods strippers Raven


Foxwoods strippers Raven was at MGM Grand this past saturday night. The guys had called VIP for foxwoods strippers and he was unable to cover the party himself so we provided the entertainment for them. Raven danced for close to 2 hours for the guys. They played tons of games and took great care of her. Here is a review from that foxwoods strippers party.

“One of a kind, this girl was a 10 dude. Im glad VIP sent you guys. We will call again”

Foxwoods Strippers-Mohegan Strippers

Order Foxwoods strippers this month and save $$ on the booking fee. It is our way of saying “Thank-you” for the great year we had in 2012. This is 2013 and we are gonna get even better. Our Foxwoods strippers roster has gotten bigger and better. The strippers are young, wild and fun. We have tight guidelines on our foxwoods strippers and mohegan strippers. They must weigh between 105-125 pounds. Be between 18 and 25 years old. Fun, flirty and love to party.

Don’t call anyone else. Don’t be fooled by fake pictures. Don’t be forced to give out a credit card number. Don’t miss out on our famous shows. Remember the money you save on the booking fee can be used to tip the girls, which means they will be happier and stay longer, which means a better party for you and your guests. Like i said, this is 2013 and we are the best and now we are getting even better. You can call us direct at anytime or use the form below to schedule any of our Foxwoods strippers.

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Mohegan Sun Strippers – Bachelor Party Review

Mohegan Sun Strippers: Party Group Strippers was at Mohegan Sun on July 14th. The strippers had a bachelor party scheduled at 12:00am for 14 guys. They were in a penthouse suite at the casino. It was awesome. So the strippers arrived at Mohegan Sun around 7:30pm. They walked around the casino, played a few slots, met a few guys, handed out some cards and had a couple of drinks. Typical night at the Sun. Around 11:35 they called the guys and let them know they were there and ready to party. As expected most of the crew were running around the casino having a blast, so the strippers waited for them to all get back to the suite. The party began around 12:40ish with the girls coming out in some sexy naughty girl outfits. The show lasted til about 3:30am. Since i wasnt at the show i can only share the info the best man sent me.

“Hey Anthony, thanks again man. Our night was awesome. We hope the girls had a great time as i know i did. I fully plan on referring my friends to you guys. I would love to share some of the details of our show but what happens at the party stays at the party. Hope you can understand that. I think if you ask the girls, we spent almost $1500 on them and they were wild, gorgeous and absolutely unforgettable. Thanks again”

Now that sounds like a party to me. Hell, from the way it sounds i might want one myself. All i know is, he got 1 thing 100% correct, what happens there stays there. So if you want to find out then i suggest calling me up, booking some strippers for Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun and getting the 2 freaky, fun and beautiful girls i have to offer. I will tell you these are the 2 strippers who did that show.. Mohegan stripper Julzmohegan stripper Alexa  

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Foxwoods and Mohegan Strippers – 877-705-2382

Welcome to Hardbodies. We currently have special sales at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun for stripper parties. All of our strippers are 18-23 years old. They weigh 100 – 120 pounds. We have 0 fat chicks and 0 oldies. Our strippers are top notch quality with the best attitudes.

If you are looking to have a bachelor party or any other kind of party at Foxwoods Resort or Mohegan Sun Casino and want strippers to perform a wild show for you and your friends give us a call. Ask about our amazing 2 girl show.

Our Toll Free number is 877-705-2382

Booking in advance can save you money on the booking fee, so pick up the phone and lets have some fun.