Foxwoods strippers 2014

It is 2014 and our Foxwoods strippers and Mohegan Sun strippers are excited to be at the casino’s. Our line-up is dynamic and you will love our strippers. We offer a limited amount of Foxwoods strippers and Mohegan Sun strippers. Our standards are extremely high so we currently only have 10 of the hottest chicks in New England. We highly recommend booking in advance and as a reward for doing so we are taking 25% off our regular rates this year. For pictures of our roster click here.

We are open 24/7
Cater to all events
No party is to big or to small

It is our intent to be located at the casino’s this year every weekend. So on most occasions you can book our Foxwoods strippers and Mohegan Sun strippers at any time. Pre-booked events get to pick the girls they want. If you are having a party at Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun and want young, hot, sexy and most importantly FUN girls then call and book now.

Our promise to you is simple. No credit card is required. No deposit is required. If you are unhappy with the girls that show up, don’t pay the delivery fee and send them on their way. We are extremely confident this will never happen due to our high standards and the fact we wont use Photo Collection sites to trick you. Amazingly the girls we offer are real New England girls. So try us out today and see why we are ranked #1 in the market.

Foxwoods strippers Autumn