Foxwoods strippers review 3/12/13

Foxwoods strippers review

Once again our Foxwoods strippers show why we are the best. These guys booked a party with a Boston company. They sucked as expected.and didn’t show up. I told them on the phone when you want REAL Foxwoods strippers we are the only place to call.

I got them there in 1 hour, 2 of New England’s hottest strippers. Raven and Sophia have been tearing up the reviews. I got so many I can’t put them all on here. I keep asking people why they book anyone else and this is what i get..
“They quoted us $250 and said the girls would be there for at least 90 minutes”.. That’s $250 split between a driver, 2 girls and the agency. Translates to $62.50 for 90 minutes. Would you get naked, use a dildo on yourself and get groped by dudes for 90 minutes for $62.50? I doubt it.

HAHAHA, that is funny shit. Ask yourself this question next time. “would i work for free?”

Hot strippers work for tips. If you don’t tip they don’t dance. So book with them, don’t tip the trash they send you, and take out your stop watch and time them 90 minutes. If they try to leave get a refund.

Do yourself and your buddies a favor, call us for Foxwoods strippers and get the real deal. Best girls, best prices, all the time, any time.